About us

Negash Coffee LTD.

Our passion is providing our customers with rich, flavourful coffee, that will have you wanting every last drop. Negash Coffee LTD. is established on the belief that quality is superior to quantity. This is why we exert the utmost care every step of the way; from the coffee fields of Ethiopia to your mouth, our beans taste just as exotic as their origins.


Yirgacheffe coffee originates in Ethiopia’s southern region of Sidamo, which is believed to be the birthplace of coffee. You can now enjoy the experience of these widely unknown beans right at home. Entice your taste buds with each sip of this delectable coffee. Luxurious Grade 1 Coffee, without breaking the bank. You can’t lose with Negash Coffee.

The History

Coffee production in Ethiopia is a longstanding tradition which dates back to dozens of centuries. Ethiopia is where Coffea arabica, the coffee plant, originates.[1] According to legend, the 9th-century goatherder Kaldi discovered the coffee plant after noticing the energizing effect the plant had on his flock, but the story did not appear in writing until 1671. The plant is now grown in various parts of the world; Ethiopia itself accounts for around 3% of the global coffee market. The way of production has not changed much, with nearly all work, cultivating and drying, still done by hand.

The Sidamo Region

It is very likely that in and around this region is where coffee had its origins. Sidamo coffee is well-balanced with cupping notes exhibiting berries and citrus with complex acidity. The coffee hails from the province of Sidamo in the Ethiopian highlands at elevations from 1,500 up to 2,200 meters above sea level. At these elevations the coffee beans can be qualified as “Strictly High Grown” (SHG). Here the Ethiopian coffees grow more slowly and therefore have more time to absorb nutrients and develop more robust flavors based on the local climate and soil conditions.